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Bye Bye Switzerland

23 Feb 2004: Leaving Switzerland suddenly became quite painful. I’d been so very busy the past 2 years with planning and organising this next step in my life that I’d never really taken time out to contemplate what I was leaving behind. My stock phrase of “I can always come back if I don’t like it” offererd little comfort as I sat for 2 hours on a snowed in runway at Zurich airport, wondering if I should attempt a repeat of Whitney Houston’s tear-jerking performance in “Bodyguard”. Knowing that Kevin Costner wasn’t waiting for me on the tarmac prevented me making a fool of myself – actually, sorry Kevin, even if you had been waiting …

20 Feb 2004: The last of the infamous C+K wg parties was absolutely brilliant. It truly hit me that evening just how incredibly lucky I am to have so many fine friends, who genuinely mean well. My fab i-River mp3/radio player is in constant use :)

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