Monthly Archives: November 2003

How it all began

November 2003: Lying around at home, waiting for my knee to recover following an op, I got the idea of going out to Tanzania as a volunteer, rather than waiting around in Switzerland on what appeared to be a rather fruitless search for teaching jobs. My logic being that, once there, I’ll be able to gather experience, acclimatise and bother lots of people for a long-term job.

May – October 2003: I spent the nights and weekends of one of the most fabulously sunny, hot Summers ever experienced in Switzerland with my head stuck in books and glazing over in front of my computer, studying for CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) along with 11 other wonderful, persistent women.

January 2002: It all began with by taking part in Earthwatch’s “Black Rhinos of Kenya” project … I came home with “le virus africaine”.

My partner on the trip was Edith – a great gal from the States and, being a teacher, responsible for putting the idea of training to be an EFL teacher (English as a Foreign Language) into my head.

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