Monthly Archives: July 2010

Henry and Kynance

Thirty years ago, camping meant rolling up, fully clothed, in a sleeping bag as close to the camp fire as I could without my big hair and eye brows getting singed, rendered immune to the discomforts of the hard ground and cold, damp night by as much beer as my stomach and finances would allow. Hence I was understandably nervous in agreeing to a re-introduction to this somewhat dubious form of what many people consider to be a fun way to holiday.

No need to fear, my night wrapped in duvets atop a firm double air mattress passed in sweet dreams. My enthusiasm for Henry’s campsite on the Lizard is still right up there, along with memories of watching the the sunset over the sea, the great food at the Witchball pub and enviously watching Andrew body board at Kynance Cove … camping: tick … body board: to do (in a wetsuit, natch)

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